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               What would happen if I follow?

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ali_emarlad April 14, 2012
Sense Less: Gen Gul is playing roll same as Amro Ase had played for muawiya. His hand is behind all the incedents, He is Master Mind and still our ullama does not understand. STRANGE,

HaniHBK April 13, 2012
Very strange. It seems that we have not yet understood Imam Hussain (as), nor have we understood Imam Khomeini & nor have we understood Sheikh Ragheb Harb....

AliAli April 13, 2012
The lovers of Prophet (s) & Ahlulbayt (a.s) are united against this violent terrorist group (Sipah Sahaba, now called Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat) which is executing the agenda of the enemies of Islam. Long Live Shia-Sunni Unity. Long Live Pakistan

AliAli April 13, 2012
Those who promote hate among Muslim school of thoughts, chant slogans of Kafir Kafir and give fatwas of killing innocent Shia OR Sunni Muslims are neither SHIA MUSLIMS nor SUNNI MUSLIMS. They are in-fact the agents of US & iSRAEL.

AliAli April 13, 2012
Excellent short speech by Hujjatul Islam Maulana Ameen Shaheedi. These are very valid points. We respect and welcome all those who are sincere with Islam, Pakistan, and the unity of Muslim Ummah.


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