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auj December 31, 2011

alishah3913 December 18, 2011
Well said, we should give utmost respect to our scholars, at the same time provide them platform to come out of their traditional way of speeches. Every mosque belongs to every scholar who is capable of delivering right message in a right way; scholars should not occupy mosques as a life time contract.

Montazir December 18, 2011
This movie is exactly showing the present conditions and problems facing the Indo-Pak Shias. The need-of-the-time effort.

duago.syed December 18, 2011
MashaAllaha great work.

islam8 December 17, 2011
Please convey our gratitude to these brothers in Hyderabad. Excellent work from brothers who are working in a really tough environment. May Allah keep them safe and increase them in numbers. Its a very bold message to all communities, I really enjoyed the acting by young guys.. kudos to them.

[email protected] December 17, 2011
mashallah what an awakening film it is, inshallah ALLAH(swt) will protect you(who made the film) from the mischievous people

azharhasan December 15, 2011
A beautiful and brave effort. Bravo!!

aladmar_123 December 14, 2011
Allah (swt) has never promised that there will be no difficulties in His way but He has promised the Success.

sohailhussain December 14, 2011
The Director and few brothers who acted in this Film has been sued for making such an Awakening Film.

khamenei123 December 14, 2011
mashallah nice job

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