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               What would happen if I follow?

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mujtabahussain1988 December 10, 2011
May Allah(swt) create more Revolutionary Scholars like Jawad Naqvi Sahab and more Revolutionary Nouha Khan like Ali Deep Rizvi Sahab.... Jazakallah...

Shia_Awakening December 08, 2011
So True !! Labbaik ya Hussain ik nara tarana ya noha nahi hai balkai..Labbaik ya Hussain aik Manshor-e-Zindagi hay.yani Zillat hum sai door hai.

raza869 December 08, 2011
The awakening Continues.........

AliAli December 07, 2011
So true, Imam Hussain (a.s) asked for Labbayk in his last moments in Karbala. Let's stand up for truth and justice. We will be amazed how the divine help will assist us then. Let's trust the promises of Allah and present our sacrifices.

hijab1512 December 07, 2011
This action washed the cultural dust from the face of Azadari and showed us the real Azadari. This is the way Bibi Zainab (s.a) Performed Azadari.

alitepu December 07, 2011
i was was great experience.Thanks for hosting. Good bless ulama e haq. ~LABBAIK YA HUSSAIN(A.S)

lee December 07, 2011
Labbyaik Ya Hussain Labbyaik Khamenei


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