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               What would happen if I follow?

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smashah May 16, 2011
Truth and sincerity of Mominin is evident from this noha.

AliAli May 16, 2011
Don't you see the oppression caused in the world? Don't you see innocent people being massacred in Palestine by the Zionists? ALA LA'NATULLAHI ALAL QAUMIZ ZAALIMEEN.

AliAli May 16, 2011
Aal e Saud, your destruction is not far. You are arrogant and lack the fear of Allah. You are friends with U.S., U.K., & israel.

AliAli May 16, 2011
This is a heart-aching scenario for the lovers of Prophet & Ahlulbayt (a.s). O Imam of the time, we join you in shedding tears over the destruction of these graves.

hassanazh May 07, 2011
Masha Allah bohat piyara noha hay... I wish we may visit janat ul Baqi openly. and pay pursa on Bibi SA grave


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