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Mustafa110haider October 20, 2018
I know Chinese people are so nice and cool my minded.. lot of Shia Muslims are there.. living in yarkand xinjiang , Guangzhou Shanghai etc... I,m living in gilgit city north of Pakistan near China border.. so easy to go China... And we have opportunity to go with out visa and passport

Mustafa110haider October 20, 2018
I know lot of Shia Muslims are there... Like kargilik, yarkand in xinjiang region and inner China Guongzhou haopan Shia mosque etc

XuexiYisilan May 13, 2014
Salam @all , if there is any chinese shia here, then please add my QQ number, 2243320813, i am shia muslim foreigner in china, and want to meet with chinese shia muslims.... thanks in advance....

Tatar November 01, 2012
PREACHING worldwide must be started globally.

Tatar November 01, 2012
I hope some PREACHING worldwide may be started soon.

Tatar November 01, 2012
Shia Muslims are worldwide. But they need proper education.

Qamareqbal October 24, 2012
They are not fully practicing but want knowledge.

Qamareqbal October 24, 2012
I have toured Xinjan area. There are many Shia Muslims.

Jafarm July 16, 2011
Hi. Can someone please help me with my concern. I may be moving to Shanghai soon (not confirmed yet), I want to know how many shias are there in Shanghai or any shia masjid/organisations, will food be an issue there etc etc. Please PM me or email. Thanks

waylinming April 30, 2011
Yes. The old man is Chinese Shia (not Arab). But trying to speak Arabic recitation.

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