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smashah August 19, 2011
No one can support cruels after seeing the facts of Bahrain.

uhuru March 28, 2011
Enemies of Shias are enemies of Humanity..Labbaik Ya Hussain

AliAli March 27, 2011
@waylinming: The dictators in the middle east have never cared for the betterment of general public. While these dictators have a lavish and extravagent lifestyle...

waylinming March 27, 2011
I have searched on internet there is a few rich men who are enjo everthing in Baharain. OK so people after getting education are seeing their rights.But they don't expect a reply from rich men

msajjad March 27, 2011
MAY THE ALE SAUD be punished severely

nnmustafa March 26, 2011
Allah u akbar insha allah you will be with matyrs of "karbala" hussaini movement is difficult but sweeter labbaik ya hussain labbaik ya khamenei

hassanazh March 24, 2011
this video really made me sad and I am thinking what am I doing these days,where our muslims brothers and sisters r fighting and I am enjoying cricket worldcup...I am sorry oh ppl of Bahrain

hassanazh March 24, 2011
Feel really sorry and sad for Behrainis and my prayers and wishes are with them... Insha ALLAH inqalab will come soon

hassanazh March 24, 2011
because their govt is not good and they are killing innocent ppl who raised their voice against cruelty and injustice...this is all their govt and Saudi govt is doing

waylinming March 24, 2011
Oh so sad why is this blood and cut body parts

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