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Nasr313 March 06, 2017
Translation of video from 0:0-1:50 Valley of peace Perhaps it is one of the biggest and oldest graveyard in the world. Here besides the shrine of ali ibn abi talib(as) in Najaf al Ashraf. It emerges(pops) in front of you a small spot of land. At first glance it wont mean anything to you. Until some of the people who live here tell you that this is a grave. There is no clue or trace on who the owner of the grave is. Its not because the grave is old. [but] Because someone purposely erased any trace that would hint at who the owner of the grave is. A question mark will be raised when they inform you that the previous ba\'athis regime was convincing(in a forceful way) that no one knows the owner of the grave. Until know the story hasn\'t ended. The grave is empty and their is no dead body in the grave. These men are trying to help us find the house of the owner of the unknown and empty grave. And now begins the trip to find the house of the owner of the grave. We arrived at the known place but where is the house? There is no trace of..

Nasr313 February 19, 2017
You guys should translate this too English.

smashah May 02, 2011
The life & martydom of Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir AlMujahed AlShaheed motivated generation after generation globally.They are still searching the answer, "Is he inspired in life more or after martydom?"


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