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AliAli March 11, 2011
@shiakid1, Doesn't most of the humanity relies on stone-type things? We are may be worse off since we rely on paper bills (pund, dollar, yen, riyal, rupees) :)

shiakid1 March 01, 2011
MashAllah Nice start to the serial. It is very funny to see how these infidels rely on stone.

mahdi313 February 28, 2011
this movie is amazing! i watched it when it came out and i truly loved it. ther r many things in this movie about prpht yusuf which people don't normally know. many great miracles happened in his time

ya_mahdi313 February 28, 2011
This is an amazing serial. It is definitely a must watch for all muslims. It is both entertaining and informative and great for all ages. If you haven't watched it yet, you're missing out big time! :)


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