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Karim_Keneed December 21, 2021
Assalam Alikoum, thank you very much for this video, may Allah reward you in great quantity, I am writing to you from Venezuela, I ask you the great favor of being possible to make a dubbing into Latin Spanish, for all the children of South America, we have a community In high growth, in Venezuela the Shia community grows, and it will be very valuable and appreciated by all parents and grateful if they send us video material for children, since they only see western animation productions that are harmful in their vast majority. and again thank you very much. with love from Venezuela

MK-Khoir March 26, 2020
Jazakumullah khoiron

nazoolfatima October 18, 2019

alinaqihassan November 26, 2018
Amazing, especially in High Definition

Mtzr_mahdi September 17, 2018
Syukran for upload this movie. Best ever of animation film. So mean something

MuhammadDifa June 02, 2018

aliashghor April 28, 2018


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