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Nohay latmiya Mix languages

Urdu English Arabic Persian

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Towards A Balanced Life - Workshop by Sheikh Salim Yusufali - English

Ever wondered how to best manage your time effeciently so that you are effective at work, home and community? Are you striving to create a balance between different aspects of your life? Watch this...

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3rd Annual Workshop for Zakiraat - November 2010 1432 - Urdu

This is an annual workshop organized for Zakiraat as part of preparation of upcoming Muharram (Ayam-e-Aza). The sessions was attended by dozens of lady speakers from Toronto. A good number...

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Youth Sessions with Sheikh Salim Yousaf Ali - Toronto -Safar 1431 2010

All three sessions are highly recommended for our young kids & teenagers (even adults will find them useful inshaAllah).

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Workshop for Zakireen Toronto - 2009 1431 - Urdu

2nd Annual Workshop for Urdu Zakireen of North America (mainly Toronto)

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CASMO World Women's Day Celebration 2010 - English

The event was organized by Canadian Shia Muslims Organization (CASMO) to celebrate the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatima SA.

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Tajweed Lessons - Urdu

A great collection of 14 Tajweed e Quran lessons in Urdu

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