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waylinming May 02, 2011
@China. The media is controlled by USA.Iranians must be on their path of peace and progress.Saint Khamenei and Dr. Ahmadinejad are pious souls. USA funded media is not valued by any learned person...

AliAli May 02, 2011
Clear statement for those who are trying to create a discord amongst Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader. Our pious leadership is vigilant to counter attacks by the enemies...

Mustazafeen May 01, 2011
I am sure after such a nice comments on Mr President By Wali Amr Muslimeen Syed Ali Khamenei all western media outlets specially AP, AFP ,REUTERS,BBC ...they all will SHUTUP.

shiachinese May 01, 2011
So great man saint Khamenei so great pray for Dr. Ahmadinejad.


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