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               What would happen if I follow?

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waylinming March 24, 2011
He is saint Khamenei

Noor-e-Hidayat March 21, 2011
Unite together under the umbrella of our leader and work on both fileds what brother Ali Ali interpreted in his views.

Noor-e-Hidayat March 21, 2011
Labaik Khamenaie. Labaik Ya Rehbar. I agree with both brothers. This is the time where we can say "Either with us or against us." We don\'t have more time to waste...

smashah March 21, 2011
Its true message by all means. We should form discussion groups with friends and come forward in all walks of life to serve humanity. This will support to Islamic Brotherhood and oppressed public.

AliAli March 21, 2011
That spiritual movement is not enough. Physical and Mujahidana movement in the battle field is essential... It is our responsibility now, to follow the direction given to us by our leader.

AliAli March 21, 2011
Towards the end, Rahber comes back to this point again and says, "Harakat e Tabiey, kaafi neest" - "Bayat Harakat e Jehshi wa Muhahidaane dar in maidaan dashte basheed"... What I understand, he means

AliAli March 21, 2011
Beautiful Message by Vali Amr Muslimeen. Eid is a symbol of spiritual movement (harakat e tabiey) of a human. This movement is towards kamaal...


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