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smashah March 11, 2011
Shia [meaning, the true muslim lovers of The Last Prophet Mohammad and his AhlulBayat (Peace be upon him and progeny) i.e. 14Masuimin] always work for justice, equality, knowledge and love to humanity

smashah March 11, 2011
@AliAli, The Muslims look towards Iran for justice, love and a pious voice. It brings true hope to them for bringing unity, peace and love.

smashah March 11, 2011
So soft and pious AyatUllah Agha Bahauddini! Thanks for sharing his good speech here.

smashah March 11, 2011
'Allah Humma Salle Ala Mohammad wa Aley Mohammad' * * * * * O' Allah send all peace (salutation) upon Mohammad and his pious Progeny! (PBUHP).

AliAli March 10, 2011
Islamic Revolution in Iran is the source of awakening in the whole world, especially in the Middle East. Long Live Islam. Long Live Muslim Unity. We are united against the world's arrogant powers.


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