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madariseimamia April 13, 2011
Mashallah Jazakallah,pleez visit channel of MAdadrise Imamia Pakistan-

Mohib-e-Ali April 10, 2011
Mohtaram Zaidi sb, I am keen to have your next analysis. becos you present us facts and figures in truest way. WE are living in ending time,we have to be awake and vigilant from enemy. keep it going.

M.Abbas March 02, 2011
salam un alaikum, waiting for your next lecture.

smashah March 01, 2011
Salam, Dear Allama Sahib, Please pay some kind attention towards education sector for Shia population (36~39%, Year1998) in Pakistan which is 2nd largest after I.R.of Iran in the world.

jannat1 February 23, 2011
Salaamun alaikum, Allah (jj) se dua hai keh woh Agha sahab jaise bashaoor ulama ko lambi umr de,takeh woh millat ki sahi simt mein rahnumaee kar saken. Aameen,

Mohib-e-Ali February 20, 2011
This wonderful analysis based on true facts and figures, maashaAllah, our community needs to know what our past was and where we are heading for. AMZ keep it up, God bless you. Haider

aayett110 February 19, 2011
wahhh !! thanx God k aagha sahab ka mojooda halaat pe koi naya tajziya samney aaya .. bohut dino se intezaar tha unko sunney ka .. thanx for uploading

haider February 19, 2011
Must Watch political analysis to learn from the past and to see the future


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