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AlinaPetricia April 29, 2011
We Russian see him as nice, gentle and soft person. He is truth person in all events as found in his words and actions. This is good quality (We Russian think so).

AlinaPetricia April 29, 2011
Once Prsident of Iran was in Moscow, there was much much good wishes from Russian public about him. He was but wearing a simple coat! If someone say to him to have expensive dress as a President...

AlinaPetricia April 29, 2011
RT is 24 hours Russian Channel. It provides balanced views of all situations at most.

AlinaPetricia April 29, 2011
This is on our Russian channel RT (Russia Today). There are many good videos on RT about Iran. I was out of Moscow when President of Iran visited there. But got a chance on RT to find details about.

smashah April 26, 2011
A truthful person like President Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets world admiration. A good video with better than best speech!


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