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khhashmi40 May 27, 2011
i really impressed by this speech,,,,real spirtual impact...can any body upload 2nd Muharraum majlis as its not avaialble

hassanazh May 26, 2011
Masha ALLAH, his topics and speeches have magical impact on Momineen.I remember after his majalis majority of the ppl started offering prayers regularly. one feels relax and calm after his majalis and contact Allah with more dedication and love.May Allah give him Ajar and success here and here after.

smashah May 25, 2011
He is doing pious job of giving the kind message of piety and brotherhood. In UK and EU he often visits for lectures and prays. He is welcomed in many community centres and halls due to his soft attitude and message of love to all.

AliAli May 25, 2011
@smashah. Yes he has moved many people. May Allah reward him for that. I don't know how his activities are going in UK. Hope to see some latest videos of him.

smashah May 25, 2011
@AliAli. Thanks for such superb sharing. The scholar Allama Syed Jan Ali Shah Kazmi is a goldmine of knowledge in Urdu and English speaking world over. His soft and nice narration moves every heart to the piety and kindness.


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